Project Amour Eric and Chandra's Journey to Get Married in Paris


Capital de la Romance

Capital of Romance

Divided into a right and left bank by the River Seine, Paris is a regal city that exudes savoir faire. It is a city brimming with bridges, sidewalk cafés, and endless promenades that never fail to reveal some hidden treasure. The famous Parisian flair for the beautiful and dramatic is on display throughout, from the broadest café-lined boulevard to the narrowest cobbled side street. Entire days can be spent in the pursuit of whatever new marvel may lie just around the corner.

Everything about the City of Light-its grand monuments, its cathedrals, its haute couture, art, and cuisine-acts as a kind of elixir to the soul. It is truly the capital of the romantic world, and nothing else compares. Go to Paris with nothing but a few bucks (euros) in your wallet and you'll still feel like the richest couple in the world.

Winter, spring, summer or, fall, Paris is an ideal place to stroll. Rich with history combined with modern convenience the city never disappoints.  Vintage, royal and tre chic even the most mundane in Paris still greets you with opulence.  It is in the sidewalk cafés, restaurants, and bars that true eloquence of involvement is found in Paris. Even a simple picnic of fromage et baguette (with accompanying vin rouge, naturally) at the Place des Vosges rivals the most sumptuous dining at any five-star New York restaurant. It is in such elemental pleasures that you'll truly discover your version of Paris and have a lifetime's trove of memories from which to dip.

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Nous avons choisi la Chapelle Expiatoire

Altar Inside Chapel

We have chosen Expiatoire Chapel

After about a week of contemplation, Eric and I have officially chosen the "Chapelle Expiatoire" as the venue for our wedding.  We will be working this week to secure a date in late April for our ceremony.  The  Chapel was commissioned by King Louis XVIII to be built as a symbol of atonement  or as a peace offering to his deceased brother King Louis XVI and his Queen Marie Antoinette.

The Chapelle Expiatoire complex is built on three levels. There is an entry hall that leads to an enclosed courtyard.  The courtyard is of simple design, planted with roses dating back to the mid-1700's.  The actual chapel is reached by climbing a set of twelve stairs and passing through a facade supported by simple Doric columns.  Inside the Chapel there is a center dome flanked by smaller domes on either side.   The larger, center dome itself is supported by four columns. They represent The Trinity, The Law of Moses, The Blessed Sacrament, and the Paschal Lamb.   The interior carvings and bas-reliefs were the work of Gerard who also worked on the Arc de Triomphe.  The altar is centered along the back wall. Two marble statues complete the decoration of the interior.  I have created a photo gallery of the pictures I captured during my recent visit to Paris.  I am so excited that we have finally made this important decision.  Check out our pictures here.

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Lieux de Mariage

Wedding Locations

Today was quite the adventure. We were greeted by our wedding planner, Nancy, when we arrived in Paris this morning. We visited 5 potential wedding venues, all with very unique characteristics. Below is a picture and a short description of the first of five amazing sites. It's getting late and after a plate of French roast beef, cheeses, macarons and tarts the pillow is calling my name! I will post the remaining sites tomorrow.

Musee Rodin
The Rodin Museum was once the residence of infamous sculptor and artist, Auguste Rodin. Most well know are his two sculptures, "The Thinker" and "The Kiss" both proudly displayed at Musee Rodin. The museum is surrounded by a unbelievably gorgeous "jardin" (garden). Housing 200+ sculptures the grounds is a French masterpiece in and of itself.

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