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Bouquet de Mariage Vintage

Plumes and Blooms – A Vintage Wedding Bouquet

The vintage era and style is characterized and brought to life quiet well though the use of feathers. Light-weight, nonchalant, dainty, feminine, chic and coquette, feathers are capable of making a wedding flower bouquet look even more attractive, elegant, fanciful and mesmerizing. I stumbled upon this bouquet and I think it would be absolutely perfect for my wedding in Paris.

I love this bouquet

I think really demonstrates the modern reinterpretation of the “vintage” wedding — lush, glamorous, detailed and textured, classic yet modern.  It’s obvious that the bride who carried this bouquet really lavished a lot of thought on the little details.  As an individual piece, it’s a little work of art.  For my own wedding, I would love to have a round, hand-tied bouquet, a really full, lush arrangement of roses in various shades of pink creating both depth and contrast — and ringed by white or ivory wisps from an ostrich wing feather.  I really like the idea of mixing delicate shades of vintage pink -- not too bubble gum or Barbie pink -- rather something soft and elegant. The only addition I would make is to add a few lavender sprigs, a must have for my wedding day.

Here are a couple of pictures of other vintage style bouquets I love:

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Verre Rose de la Depression

Pink Depression Glass

Miss America Pattern Compote

Few things remind me more of my childhood than thick, heavy, depression glass.  When I was young I had no idea it was something special but I definitely remember seeing it in my grandmother's home as well as the home of many of my great aunts and uncles.  The story of Depression Glass is quite interesting.  Depression glass is so named because it was made in the United States primarily during the Great Depression — from the middle 1920s through the 1930s.  Although the majority of depression glass patterns were made in crystal, colored glass enventually became very popular.  In order of their popularity, the top depression glass colors were:  pink, green, amber-yellow, cobalt-blue, red-ruby, black, and amethyst.  The during its day the glass was oftentimes viewed to be “cheap” or “poor” glass because it was mass manufactured by machine, and often given away as a premium or promotional gift for buying a certain product.  It was also used as an incentive gift to get people to buy at a local store, and often could be acquired by saving coupons off of purchases.

American Sweetheart Pattern Platter

There are many patterns that were manufactured to contain all pieces needed for a full dinner service including dinner, salad and bread plates as well as cake plates, butter dishes, serving bowls, etc.  Beginning in the late 1960's American's began collecting depression glass.  Since that time the value has continued to rise.

Rose of Sharon Pattern Cup and Saucer

I have been collecting pink depression glass for a few months now.  I am planning to create an amazing French dessert station at my party.  To make it extra special I will be serving the french delectables on beautiful pink depression glass.  Some of my favorite patterns include American Sweethear, Miss America and Rose of Sharon.  I decided to mix and match patterns because I think it will create more interest.  How appropriate that my vintage Parisian wedding party will include some truly vintage serving pieces straight out of history.


Piece de Resistance

Creating the Piece de Resistance:  The Centerpiece for our Party

Lately I have been perusing websites, magazines and department stores for the perfect centerpiece inspiration.  My aunt Hilda will be creating the arrangement for me.  She is our families floral designer and I am delighted to have her be a apart of our wedding.  The centerpiece will be placed on the buffet/sideboard located in our formal dining room.  We have 10 foot ceilings on the main level so I am not afraid to add height.  Our party will have a vintage paris theme and it is important that all of our decorations work to create that feeling.  The centerpiece should be chic, vintage, over-the-top...stunning.

After searching for quite some time I have found a couple of examples I would like Hilda to use as inspiration while she works to create this masterpiece.  It should include ostrich plumes, dangling crystals and or pearls, large, pink, vintage blooms, a wonderful vase.  I love the asymmetry of these arrangements.  They are so perfect!

Here are the inspiration photos that will be used for the creation: