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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we traveled to my hometown to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Mom had a wonderful meal (as expected) and the day was excellent. I love spending time with my family when all of us can be together. Days like this only happen a few times a year. I usually see either my brother or my sister when visiting mom but it is rare to have them both on the same day. It was mentioned during our meal that this would be the last year I am “single” at Thanksgiving. As the family laughed, joked and poked fun (as all families do) I just started thinking – that is the perfect thing to be thankful for on a day like today. Eric is my best friend, my closet confidant, my hero, my rock. I am beyond thankful to have him!

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Piece de Resistance

Creating the Piece de Resistance:  The Centerpiece for our Party

Lately I have been perusing websites, magazines and department stores for the perfect centerpiece inspiration.  My aunt Hilda will be creating the arrangement for me.  She is our families floral designer and I am delighted to have her be a apart of our wedding.  The centerpiece will be placed on the buffet/sideboard located in our formal dining room.  We have 10 foot ceilings on the main level so I am not afraid to add height.  Our party will have a vintage paris theme and it is important that all of our decorations work to create that feeling.  The centerpiece should be chic, vintage, over-the-top...stunning.

After searching for quite some time I have found a couple of examples I would like Hilda to use as inspiration while she works to create this masterpiece.  It should include ostrich plumes, dangling crystals and or pearls, large, pink, vintage blooms, a wonderful vase.  I love the asymmetry of these arrangements.  They are so perfect!

Here are the inspiration photos that will be used for the creation:


Felicitations Rodney et Donna

Congratulations Rodney and Donna

Today my mom, sister and I hosted a couples shower for my brother Rodney. He was married on October 24th in the mountains of Tennessee. It was a small ceremony so we decided to get his family and friends together and throw him a wonderful shower. My sister created a candy bar of Rodney's most favorite treats including Maple Nut Goodies, M&Ms and more. I was responsible for making the wedding punch and it turned out perfectly. I had to mix a second bath about half way through. Each of us contributed to the elaborate buffet.

For their wedding Donna had selected fall colors and they were married on an overlook in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. The scenery this time of year was all the decoration they needed. To keep with the theme we decorated the room in fall colors adding pumpkins and gourds and grapevines. I also made some cranberry cider candles for the occasion. We had lots of food and even more laughs. I am so excited for my brother and I wish him the best in his new life with Donna. Welcome to the family Donna!

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