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Bouquet de Mariage Vintage

Plumes and Blooms – A Vintage Wedding Bouquet

The vintage era and style is characterized and brought to life quiet well though the use of feathers. Light-weight, nonchalant, dainty, feminine, chic and coquette, feathers are capable of making a wedding flower bouquet look even more attractive, elegant, fanciful and mesmerizing. I stumbled upon this bouquet and I think it would be absolutely perfect for my wedding in Paris.

I love this bouquet

I think really demonstrates the modern reinterpretation of the “vintage” wedding — lush, glamorous, detailed and textured, classic yet modern.  It’s obvious that the bride who carried this bouquet really lavished a lot of thought on the little details.  As an individual piece, it’s a little work of art.  For my own wedding, I would love to have a round, hand-tied bouquet, a really full, lush arrangement of roses in various shades of pink creating both depth and contrast — and ringed by white or ivory wisps from an ostrich wing feather.  I really like the idea of mixing delicate shades of vintage pink -- not too bubble gum or Barbie pink -- rather something soft and elegant. The only addition I would make is to add a few lavender sprigs, a must have for my wedding day.

Here are a couple of pictures of other vintage style bouquets I love:

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Sol y Flor

Sun and Blooms

While visiting Paris in October my wedding planner, Nancy, took me to meet Karine Garillon - owner of a beautiful florist "Sol y Flor in the heart of Paris.  Karine will be creating my wedding flower arrangement, including my bouquet.  When we walked in to the florist the smell was amazing.  Karine informed me that she is very selective of the flowers with which she works.  She only works with regionally "in-season" flowers and demands the most fragrant varieties.  She does not import flowers choosing to only sell those that are raised in France.  She will be creating a bouquet of mixed flowers in varying shades of pink for our wedding day.  In addition, Karine will include sprigs of provencal lavendar in my bouquet.  Lavender, as posted previously, is one of my most favorite herbs.  Just outside the florist were a few lovely rosemary and lavender potted plants.  I could'nt resist, I just had to run my fingers through the leaves so I could carry the aromatics with me throughout the day.  I am looking so forward to working with Karine.  I know she will take the time to create a unique, fragrant, perfect bouquet!

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Le bouquet de mariée

The Bridal Bouquet

The custom of bouquets has its origin in ancient times. Women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the bride and groom wore a garland around their necks, symbolizing new life, hope and fertility. Traditional Celtic bouquets included ivy, thistle and heather. The garland was not made of flowers but of strong-smelling herbs and spices. The strong-smells were thought to have mystical powers and meant to keep away evil spirits.

When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, the herbs and spices had been replaced by fresh flowers, especially marigolds. Edible flowers were still included in the bouquet. The bride would carry her arrangement as she walked down the aisle. The dill from the bride's bouquet (also known as the herb of lust), was consumed by the bride, the groom, and their wedding guests during the reception, as the herb was meant to increase sexual desire.

In Victorian times, flowers became the secret messengers of lovers; each flower having its own meaning. It is believed that 'the flower language' began in Turkey during the seventeenth century. Lovers began using floral exchanges to convey messages. Thus bridal flowers were chosen with regard to their traditional significance.

Below are just a few of my most favorite bouquets.  Keep following because I'll be adding a post devoted strictly to "The Language of Flowers".