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Sol y Flor

Sun and Blooms

While visiting Paris in October my wedding planner, Nancy, took me to meet Karine Garillon - owner of a beautiful florist "Sol y Flor in the heart of Paris.  Karine will be creating my wedding flower arrangement, including my bouquet.  When we walked in to the florist the smell was amazing.  Karine informed me that she is very selective of the flowers with which she works.  She only works with regionally "in-season" flowers and demands the most fragrant varieties.  She does not import flowers choosing to only sell those that are raised in France.  She will be creating a bouquet of mixed flowers in varying shades of pink for our wedding day.  In addition, Karine will include sprigs of provencal lavendar in my bouquet.  Lavender, as posted previously, is one of my most favorite herbs.  Just outside the florist were a few lovely rosemary and lavender potted plants.  I could'nt resist, I just had to run my fingers through the leaves so I could carry the aromatics with me throughout the day.  I am looking so forward to working with Karine.  I know she will take the time to create a unique, fragrant, perfect bouquet!

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