Project Amour Eric and Chandra's Journey to Get Married in Paris


Chandra repondre Pomerol

Chandra meet Pomerol

Mont Moulin 2006 Pomerol

While visiting Paris in October I had the pleasure of experiencing a French Wine Tasting. My wedding planner and I had discussed my dream to find the perfect French wine to serve at my wedding party back in Raleigh. We talked about the types of wine I prefer and we were off to find just the right one. In talking with a very knowlegeable Sommelier I was introduced to a new wine. The wine is called Pomerol.

Pomerol is a fantastic wine grown in the ancient and excellent, in terms of wine making, scenery and pedigree, Bordeaux region of France. Bordeaux is located in the South West of France close to the coast and the premier wine trading port of Bordeaux. Bordeaux is the largest 'good vintage' district in the world. Pomerol is one of the best of the red wine 'appellations' (wine growing areas) within the Bordeaux district.

Pomerol lies about 25 miles to the east of Bordeaux. Along the banks of the beautiful Dordogne River. The area is practically exclusively given over to wine production. There is no real village center in Pomerol just scattered Chateauxs and vineyards.  Chateau's are the term used for vineyards in Bordeaux and each chateau can produce between 10 to 1000 barrels of wine. These Chateaus are not always large houses, some of them, particularly in the Pomerol area are just everyday houses but it is the name given to the produce of an individual vineyard producing wine in the area. Bordeaux wines are not usually ready to drink for at least two years after the wine has been bottled, and sometimes they are not ready for twenty years.

We were presented with a bottle of Moulin la Gravière, Mont Moulin, 2006 LaLande de Pomerol. We were instructed to give it a few moments to breathe and then take a nice sip. WOW – what a wonderful wine.  It is rich and gentle, deep red in color, but not too acidic. It also did not have alot of tannin. It is just one of the nicest red wines I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

So, we spent a couple of hours sipping wine, eating cheese, crackers, salmon and foie gras and then I purchased 18 bottles to share with my family and friends. Yes, I safely flew across the Atlantic with 18 bottles of some of the best Bordeaux has to offer, passed US customs and now the bottles sit in wait for our magnificent party. I love that I was able to bring a real taste of France back to Raleigh to share with those I love the most!

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