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Traditional French Wedding Cake

The Croquembouche is a traditional French wedding cake.  The exact translation of the word is” crack in one’s mouth” or “crunching in one’s mouth” because of the sensation you get while eating one of the puffs. The croquembouche has been used as a celebration cake for weddings by the French nobility since the early 18th century. Each wedding guest would bring a “sweet bread” or two with them to help create a tower of cream puffs. The bride and groom would attempt to kiss over the tower.  (I hope Eric's height will compensate for me being vertically challenged)  As tradition has it, the hope was that this ceremony would grant them a prosperous life together, which in those days of course included having many children (not sure about the many part but Eric and I do plan to have children).

The cake itself consists of puffs of choux pastry filled with a vanilla crème patisserie, held together with a delicious cobweb of caramel. Although tradition calls for it to be decorated with sugared almonds, there are many ways of serving this versatile cake. They range from lacing it with spun sugar to drizzling dark or milk chocolate over the whole pyramid. As with traditional wedding cakes, during the cutting of the cake, most couples pose with a knife against the croquembouche before it is taken away for serving. Traditionally, the croquembouche is served by hitting it hard with a sword, with the bridesmaids catching the pieces in a tablecloth.  (You just have to love the fun in tradition)  Below are some examples of a croquembouche.  They range from simple to very elaborate.  Can't wait to share one with our friends and family at our reception in May.

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